The surgical department of cfb Medical Center has well-equipped operating theatres for dealing with both elective and emergency cases.

Laparoscopic(keyhole) surgery is also on offer, where indicated.

Elective cases are admitted at a specific pre-booked date and time which is convenient for both the patient and the surgeon. Pre-booked cases always require admission the night prior to surgery. Emergency cases are attended to without any delay.

Our highly experienced resident surgeon (Dr. Akhtaev) and our Obstetrician/Gynaecologist (Dr.Muparrakh) are responsible for their respective departments.

The Surgeon also performs Endoscopy which includes a Gastroscopy and a Colonoscopy.

Gastroscopy examines the upper Gastro-intestinal part (GI), while Colonoscopy examines the lower part of the GI tract (rectum, sigmoid, colon).